Why Your Press Coverage is Going to Waste

You hired a company to handle your public relations and media relations activities. Or maybe you did it yourself or with your own internal resources. But you were quoted in National Mortgage News, MReport or any number of other publications important to the mortgage industry or your consumer target audience. So, what’s the next step? How can you leverage this press coverage to the best of your ability and get the even broader recognition you deserve for the time, effort and money you’ve invested?

The fact is many take a passive role when it comes to further promotion. Maybe it’s because they don’t want to come off as too self-promotional or they hope others will do the sharing. Or worse…they can’t do anything further with the press they’ve gotten because they don’t have the technology tools that allow it.

No matter what the case, there is no good excuse for not taking the press coverage you’ve earned and promoting the heck out of it. Here are 10 Easy Ways to Leverage Press Coverage to get the very best possible ROI!

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