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Why Internal Brand Adoption is Crucial to Brand Success

Fact: Your employees need to be your biggest and most influential brand ambassadors. If they don’t understand, believe in, live, and deliver on your brand expectations, your brand will never reach its full potential.
You’ve likely had experiences with sales and customer service people who fail to deliver on your expectations. If you walk into a Four Seasons hotel and the concierge rolls her eyes when asked a question, you would be shocked. If you hire “the best” logistics company to move all your equipment into your new office and they struggle to properly configure everything properly, you have a legitimate gripe.
And you’ve likely had experiences with sales and customer service people who bent over backwards, doing the unimaginable and unexpected to deliver beyond your expectations. The leaders of these brands have it figured out.
The process by which employees are informed and trained on how to deliver brand expectations at all touch points is called Internal Brand Adoption. It is a process by which expectations are set and performance is measured along the way.
If this step is overlooked, not well thought out or not executed properly, your brand will be not much more than words without substance.

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