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If you are like many business leaders, you may have noticed a perception gap between the goals and principles of your business and how your customers and community perceive them. If this sounds familiar, we would like to help close that gap. Our public relations services anticipate, interpret, and build mutually beneficial relationships between your organization, the public, and the media.

The main objective of public relations is to maintain a positive reputation for your company and its products and personnel. Well-executed PR services will help you maintain a strategic relationship with the public, prospective and current customers, partners, investors, employees, and other stakeholders. In addition, effective public relations results in a positive image of your company ─ one that is honest, successful, meaningful, and relevant.

While it is easy to understand the importance of effective public relations in growing your business, there are other benefits as well. For example, organizations with a positive reputation in their industry can recruit and retain the best and most creative employees. Workers who are proud of their employer and the services they provide are happier and more productive. As your PR agency, we address not only your external audiences, but your internal ones as well.

Public relations should be more than sending out an occasional press release. It’s about building positive awareness with your target audiences. We nurture that positive awareness by getting you published in the right media and blog outlets, obtaining recognition by those highly valued in your industry, and helping you be prepared in the event of a crisis.

PR is about creating, promoting, and maintaining a positive reputation. And, it’s done by targeting the right messaging at the right audiences through the right media outlets. When done well, it can effectively handle almost any challenge that may present itself.

How do we do it?

  • Integrating all of your communications in advertising, digital media, and public relations into a focused, consistent positive message

  • Securing media and blog placements from well-forged relationships

  • Gaining recognition through award opportunities

  • Establishing credibility through speaking engagements

  • Handling event planning and preparation
  • Managing crisis communications in times of need

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Our Process

How do we do it?

Securing media placement

We have close relationships with industry outlets, including MBA Newslink, National Mortgage News, The MReport, Rob Chrisman, and many more. Our experienced PR team submits press releases and feature article ideas to these esteemed mortgage outlets on a consistent basis and have garnered numerous placements for our clients.

Gaining recognition through award opportunities

We strive to obtain the recognition your organization deserves in the industry. From National Mortgage Professional’s 40 Under 40 and Progress in Lending’s Innovation Awards to HousingWire’s Women of Influence and MReport’s Women in Housing, we seek acknowledgment to grow your brand.

Handling event planning and preparation

We find the trade shows you should be attending, seek sponsorship opportunities and secure booth spaces. We act as your marketing arm ─ handling everything from the logistics of shipping your booth and materials, developing pre-show promotions to drive traffic to your booth, and helping secure meetings at the shows.

Monitor your digital reputation

We help you manage your reputation. By monitoring every corner of the web for mentions of your organization, brands, and products in real-time, we make sure you are the first to know about the conversations that can impact your business — so you can react to them promptly before anyone else. Our tools crawl 13 billion web pages daily including news sites, blogs, and social media. If your organization or your products are being discussed, we can watch the sentiment of the discussion and help you respond in a timely and positive way.

Establishing credibility through speaking engagements

We secure speaking opportunities for your business at regional and national conferences and events to demonstrate the authority, integrity, and credibility your organization is worthy of.

Managing crisis communications in times of need

To protect and defend your company and brand when faced with a public challenge, we will e proactively help you develop a plan before a crisis happens so you can be properly prepared when one actually occurs. In doing so, we’re better able to collect, process and disseminate information as needed to address a crisis situation effectively.

We have the knowledge; we have the relationships; and we understand what you do. Contact us to learn more!

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