Social Media Marketing

Effective Social Media Strategies for Mortgage and Financial Industry Companies

If your social media strategy is not working as hard as you are, we can help. Our SMART process and industry experience yield meaningful and measurable results. Like to learn more? Contact us for a free consultation.

An effective social media marketing strategy requires understanding your goals and prospects. Social marketing for business is only effective when it does three things:

  • Communicates the correct messages
  • Addresses the correct audiences
  • Uses the correct social media platforms


We start by gaining an understanding of your marketing goals. Are you looking for more sales leads? Are you building a new brand and need to create awareness? Are you introducing a new product or service? Social media marketing can be effective for any of these goals. Well defined marketing goals are the starting point on your path to success. This is the WHAT part of your strategy.

Next we focus on the WHO part of your strategy which involves identifying and gaining a deep understanding of your clients and ideal prospects. Your ideal prospects are those who will be most receptive to your messages, and most likely to act.

We do this by developing buyer personas. A buyer persona is a fictional, generalized representation of your ideal client. Often you will have many buyer personas, and each may likely require different approaches to your social media marketing. We look at many factors when building your buyer personas, such as:

  • Demographics
  • How do they behave
  • Who and what influences their buying decisions
  • Objections to change

Our social media experts look at these and other factors to define and refine your buyer personas which, in turn, helps us create meaningful content that will speak directly to their needs and wants. Targeted messages delivered on the social media platforms they use will influence purchasing decisions.


Having a deep understanding of your buyer personas is critical to creating relevant content and designing a strategy for following up. Success comes from delivering the right message to the right audience using the best media.

What social media platforms do your buyers and their influencers use the most? What interests them? What are their pain points? How do they make buying decisions? What criteria do they use in the pre-purchase phase of the sales cycle? These are some of the higher-level questions we address.


This means that each goal should be:

  • Specific: What, exactly, do you wish to achieve and why? When do you want to achieve it? Who will be involved? What will you need to change internally to achieve the goal?
  • Measurable: What will you experience or see once the goal has been achieved? How will you measure success?
  • Attainable: Do you have the time and budget needed? Are other resources required to achieve the goal? Who is on the team? What happens if you do not meet the goal? Can success be measured in alternative ways? How will you define winning? What are you prepared to sacrifice to meet the goal?
  • Relevant: How will achieving the goal benefit your business? How will achieving the goal affect your employees and clients? What other priorities may get in the way? How are you prioritizing your goals? In other words, is it a “great-to-have“ goal? Or, is it a requirement to stay competitive and relevant in your industry? How will the goal make you a better company and more competitive?
  • Time-bound: Is the timeline realistic? Do you need to hire more resources to meet your deadline? What will happen if you do not meet the goal or deadline? What would be a “Plan B?”


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