Brand Development

Take advantage of the more than 30 years of experience we have in building brands mortgage, financial and manufacturing industries.

Are you struggling to define your brand and what it stands for? Or, do you find yourself in a perpetual state of rebranding due to a lack of brand confidence or focus?

Contact us today to speak with one of our brand consultants if you feel your brand could be stronger or more compelling. We have the knowledge and industry experience to help you define or revive your brand. With a strong brand strategy you will grow your business.

At Seroka, we deliver a branding process that has been perfected over time, focused on growing key performance indicators (KPIs) and critical metrics. In addition, we design strategies for creating cultures of continuous improvement. The result is improved operational excellence and product/service leadership.

Are you a community bank? Check out our Financial Industry Brand Optimizer.


Building or rehabilitating your brand would be necessary if your company is experiencing any of the following situations or symptoms:

  • No brand tiebreaker (value proposition)
  • Sales are down
  • No messaging consistency
  • Unable to define your brand in a relevant or meaningful way
  • A change of business focus
  • Expanding through a merger or acquisition
  • Disorganized or confusing brand portfolio
  • Poor marketing ROI
  • Customer attrition


Internal Brand and Culture Research

Measure the health and strength of your culture through an internal brand and culture research study. The results of the study will uncover obstacles limiting your ability to reach your goals, and will provide you with insights on how your brand is perceived by employees in more than fifteen categories.


  • Employee engagement
  • Teamwork
  • Productivity
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Attract and retaining top-performers
  • Operational efficiency
  • Leadership effectiveness
  • Quality and accuracy
  • And much more…


Our voice of customer research provides insights into how well your brand is performing and connecting with your clients. The feedback you receive will serve as a checklist of what you may need to do to strengthen your relationship with your customers. The result will be an increase in future business and referrals.

You will receive valuable insights and information about your clients and how they feel about your company. Then you can take action on the insights we provide to improve how your company connects with your clients.


  • Brand awareness
  • Brand relevance
  • Purchase consideration
  • Credibility
  • Equity
  • Loyalty
  • Sales
  • Much more…


As the leading branding agency for the mortgage, financial and manufacturing industries, our brand strategists will build a stronger and more compelling brand for your company. If needed, we can take you through the process of restoring a brand that may have lost its focus or relevance.

If you find yourself in any of the situations below, contact us for a free consultation.  We will show you how we can help you take control of your brand.

  • Stuck in a vicious cycle of perpetual rebranding
  • Longer than industry-average sales cycles and lukewarm sales
  • Lack of brand clarity
  • A reason “not to buy” from your company has surfaced
  • Unable to shake off undesirable customer perceptions
  • Lacking structure for your portfolio of brands
  • Unable to find and hire good people


Are you growing through mergers or acquisitions? Are you creating new brands under your corporate umbrella? Do you need to rebrand your existing products and services? If so, you need a branding company that can construct a proper brand architecture system. A good brand architecture system will:

  • Maximize the brand value of your umbrella brand and its sub-brands
  • Establish strategic guardrails for all brands in your portfolio
  • Lower the barriers of growth when acquiring or creating additional brands
  • Provide clarity for the unique value propositions of all your brands
  • Provide the logic supporting your company’s brand portfolio


Need some help in any of these areas? Give us a call. We have been creating successful marketing plans since 1987; read what some of our clients have to say about our efforts!

Have any questions, or would you like to learn more?  Contact us today!