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Leveraging the most contemporary tactics and strategies for our mortgage industry and fintech clients since 1987

We represent some of the best companies in the industry… and others that are striving to be.

Would you like to capture more media attention in the right mortgage industry and fintech publications as well as other key national business outlets?

Do you know who to call to keep the press aware of current events at your company?

Do you struggle with creating content that resonates, creates engagement and generates inquiries from your social media activities?

If you’re not getting the results you want, reach out to the mortgage industry and fintech public relations specialists at Seroka.

Our public relations division is simply about results. And, the primary advantage we bring to the table is our 30+ years of media relationships across the mortgage industry and business world, built on mutual respect and maintained through professional integrity.

We approach public relations by combining our:

  • Rich mortgage industry and fintech experience
  • Business partnerships we have formed with industry and business media outlets
  • Intimate knowledge of social channels

Whether you are:

  • Launching a new product or service
  • Updating a service delivery
  • Touting your internal growth

We become your news conduit to the key people you need to know.



Through the strong relationships we have built with industry and business media we are able to:

  • Efficiently capture media attention
  • Share stories with your audience

Plus, we continue to seek out new communication channels that will be the best conduits for your messages. Our focus is on building credibility and awareness of your company and its competitive advantages.

And, when your media interviews are secured by our team, we’ll work with you to prepare your talking points. In addition, we’ll fully prepare you to ensure you are comfortable with the interview process and deliver on the media expectations.


An effective public relations strategy encompasses more than traditional industry media channels. It includes an ever-evolving network of social and digital opportunities. Your public relations campaigns will be integrated with all appropriate venues to properly showcase your message and help you get the attention you deserve.


Developing content that resonates with your target audiences is one of our core strengths and where our experience is clearly your advantage.

Our staff of copywriters has a deep understanding of the mortgage and fintech industries that is unparalleled. To ensure your corporate personality comes through, we will:

  • Interview you
  • Grasp the details that need to be showcased
  • Write the content that will motivate your prospects to want to learn more
  • Develop a clear call to action to make them want to contact you

You can rely on us to write:

  • News releases
  • Trade publication articles
  • Trade association messaging
  • Blog content
  • Email blasts
  • LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter content

Our copy will resonate with your audience and drive engagement. We are your dedicated advocate and writing resource.


Proactive planning is always a recommendation of ours to ensure your readiness in the event of a crisis.

A crisis can erupt at any company at any time. It’s not a matter of whether a crisis will occur, but when. Therefore, planning is essential and the more proactive you can be, the better. During an actual crisis there is limited time to:

  • Assess the crisis
  • Determine who will respond
  • Think through what the messages should include
  • Manage the crisis internally among all appropriate stakeholders

All companies should be prepared. We are here to assist you in preparing a crisis communications plan. You can quickly and easily reference and seamlessly execute the plan should it ever be needed.

Our crisis PR plans include preparing statements for numerous scenarios. When needed, you will already know the roles and responsibilities that will guide your company during an unfortunate event.


Most companies are focused on their external communications. And, many of those same companies don’t know how to properly communicate with their most important audience…their staff.

Our public relations experts can help you develop a plan to ensure your employees are aware of all the important new products/services and changes within your company.


As stated earlier, “Our public relations division is simply about results.” To demonstrate the effectiveness of our PR efforts, we monitor the top 10 PR KPIs by:

  • Providing a detailed overview of the coverage obtained from top-tier mortgage industry, fintech and business publications
  • Measuring share of voice by calculating a percentage of media coverage for your firm as compared to that of your competitors
  • Calculating the total potential viewership for the publications and websites in which you are featured
  • Providing social engagement data that details the comments and shares that we generate on your behalf
  • Measuring the tone of the articles featuring you or your competitors so you can see if you are obtaining negative, neutral or positive impressions
  • Outlining how many press releases and pitches are being submitted on your behalf, how they are performing, the amount of your coverage and your progress in creating relationships with the media
  • Calculating both the coverage volume and key geographical demographics on your media relations
  • Showing you how many visitors went to your website resulting from your earned coverage and link placement
  • Reviewing search engine page ranking growth and improved SEO as we ramp up your PR activity
  • Securing event success for your company by generating media coveragedriving attendance and building relationships with attendees