Certified Brand Development

At Seroka we build brands in the mortgage and financial industries, you’ll find 2 of only 29 Certified Brand Strategists in the U.S. We own a branding and restoration process that has been perfected over time to help companies in the mortgage and financial industry grow critical metrics such as awareness, uniqueness, sales, retention and advocacy.  Internally we will build employee engagement, teamwork, and productivity.

Strategic Planning

Our strategic planning process will build a comprehensive plan that includes detailed schedules of promotional activities which focus on communicating your brand to your target audiences and in the media through a mixture of marketing, public relations, social and digital tools.  We build your plan from our thorough understanding of your mortgage and financial services customers building success in your market.

Public Relations

Our professionals work closely with you to cultivate media relations and maintain a favorable public image for your mortgage or financial services company. We are experts in the mortgage and financial services industries, we bring our years of experience to bear on your behalf.  We focus not only on awareness but also goodwill and credibility that will enhance your image.

Social and Digital

We build a plan to target and interact with your mortgage and financial services customers using social media and digital communication.  You will be effective in the right platforms, at the right times, with the right message. We develop, continuously execute and optimize these plans, and provide ongoing support by establishing and/or monitoring your social media accounts, creating and publishing branded content, and engaging with/responding to communities on various social media platforms.

Marketing Communications

Our marketing experts know how to establish a strong connection between you and your mortgage prospects, and your customers – one that generates curiosity and cultivates loyalty. We do it by integrating a range of carefully selected brand positioning tactics into your overarching communications strategy. Then we continually measure and adjust our efforts to achieve optimal results and ensure the best return on your investment.