Marketing Lessons Learned from 2020 And The Future Of PR 2021

When I reflect on 2020…

which seemed like the never-ending nightmare – and think about how the year unfolded, there were many lessons learned that companies can apply to their marketing in 2021:

By Amy Hanson

Adaptation is crucialPlanning is important, but you also must account for the unexpected. Plans need to be flexible. Now more than ever, it’s important to have crisis communication frameworks in place.

Companies must master digital experiencesSocial media, emails, videos, retargeting, digital ads, websites, blogs, etc. are the new normal in marketing. And the right mix is crucial. People consume digital differently than they did just six months ago. Short, to-the-point communications are important. Attention spans have dwindled.

Make communications as transparent as possible – People want to easily understand what you’re selling – and they are very adept at seeing through lies. Even in a B2B setting, they want to buy from someone they trust. So, educate. Don’t sell. And keep pushing for better content.

Building relationships is, and will always be, important – Competition is fierce. And price doesn’t always win out. During the pandemic, I think a lot of people learned you get what you pay for. Sometimes it is worth spending a little bit more to know that the company you are doing business with will actually reply to you. Responsiveness is key.

Thought leadership goes beyond the C-suite – Companies that are growing have a team of smart people that extend beyond the C-suite. Capitalize on their expertise to fuel your topics and content.

Mainstream media takes a backseat – People don’t trust the media as much as they used to. There are numerous bloggers out there who post content and get just as much mileage as some of the traditional media outlets. So, consider alternative communication channels.

As you prepare your marketing activities for 2021, embrace what you learned last year. The pandemic caused a real shift in the buyer journey. It changed the way people think and behave. To be successful, you must adjust your marketing efforts accordingly.

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