Make sure your brand is viewed as a serious contender

In nearly every industry, there are usually one or two brands people perceive as being the best – the brands people knowingly pay a premium for because being associated with the best not only makes a statement, it also makes customers feel confident and secure.

In very close proximity to the “best” brands are runner-up brands that are often times 95% as good, but typically cost substantially less. And then, of course, there is “everyone else” – those mediocre-to-low quality brands adequate for low-expectation buyers mostly interested in finding a good bargain.

In highly competitive and over-saturated industries, achieving runner-up status is no small feat, and one to be very proud of. For example, in the world of digital cameras, Leica and Hasselblad may be the brands many photographers and enthusiasts aspire to purchase, despite their intimidating price tags. However, the vast majority of professional photographers are exceptionally pleased with the performance Canon, Nikon and SONY cameras provide, all of which could be categorized as runner-up brands in the industry. In the world of hand tools, Snap-On may be perceived by many mechanics as the very best, but many find that Mac Tools and Matco Tools are just about as good, and cost less.

  1. If you’re confident that your brand is MUCH better than it is currently perceived, there are a number of things you can and should do to elevate your rank in the hearts and minds of the customers you know would benefit from what you offer.
  2. Ask your customers if they would be willing to provide you with a written or video testimonial that would be posted to your website, YouTube channel or LinkedIn page. To increase your chances of getting a “yes,” offer to write or script the testimonial for them. With this approach, you’ll be amazed at how willing your customers will be to help you out. Testimonials from customers build brand credibility and brand consideration almost instantly.
  3. Make sure you provide a clear and unbiased comparison of your products to your competitors’, and highlight those areas where your product offers a better value to end-users under different applications.
  4. Provide a short and engaging product demo video so that potential customers may view how your products perform and operate under a variety of different situations.
  5. Approach the media to seek opportunities for interviews and offer to write a feature story about how your brand, business or product is unique and superior to others in your industry.
  6. Create a written or video blog (vlog) and speak to the interests of your customers. When people understand how you think and witness your body language through a video, it helps to build trust and respect. A written blog is strong, but a vlog would be even stronger.

Elevating your brand perception and winning new business must start with answering the question, Why should I buy from you? If you don’t tell them, they won’t know and will buy from someone else who speaks up.