How Do You Define What You Sell?

By: Pat Seroka

Very often, when I visit with prospects or present to a group of businesspeople, I will ask the question, “What do you sell?” Since our firm specializes in the mortgage and real estate industries I will primarily get answers related to a product or service they offer, like homes, mortgages, CRM, etc.

But, think about that; did you ever meet anyone who wanted a mortgage or technology or a report or an investment? Of course not.

Their customers wanted what those products or services would give them: a home or speed of transaction or a way to evaluate progress or a secure financial future or some other emotional fulfillment.

When creating your marketing it’s important to remember that people are not buying a product or service, they are buying the result or benefit of what that product or service offers.

For example, think this through, people certainly don’t WANT a mortgage, they don’t even want a home, they want the lifestyle of controlling their environment, raising their children the way they want, entertaining their friends on their patio, putting up a Christmas tree in their own living room and building family memories. That’s what their buying, that’s what their willing to spend a substantial part of their income on.

Their mortgage is a means to an end. Fact is anyone with a mortgage would love to get rid of it! You need to portray their desires and appeal to their dreams.

While your sales messaging certainly needs to provide the basic info to display the quality and details of your product or service, remember that people need to envision the results you will provide to them. A great example is Disney. They not only sell a great adventure at each of their parks, they also sell family memories. They play off the emotions of family togetherness and the pictures they can share for generations. They really have it figured it out, and you can too.

So, as you prepare your marketing efforts be sure you are selling emotion not just facts. Remember, people become interested by facts but they buy through emotion. Be sure your marketing is emotion based.

And, if you’re a mortgage or real estate industry business and would like further ideas, send me an email. I’d welcome helping you discover WHY people should buy from YOU.