Fractional Brand Manager

Someone needs to manage your brand.

If you’re the owner or CEO, it could be you, but you already have the weight of the world on your shoulders with growing your business, taking care of your customers and managing your poeple.

You could pass it on to your marketing team, but brand management and marketing are two completely different disciplines.

Larger companies know this, and it’s why most of them employ a full-time brand manager. But the good ones require a six-figure salary, and as a SMB, it’s a salary that is burdensome to afford. Plus, you don’t need a full-time brand manager anyway.

(You know where I’m going with this. Right?)

My Offer

For a small fraction of the cost of a full-time brand manager, I will provide you and your company with the TLC and attention your brand needs to stay relevant, competitive, top-of-mind, and most importantly, unignorable.

Scroll down a bit for a 30,000 foot overview of what I will bring to the relationship. For a 100 foot overview, contact me today.

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