Does distance matter when choosing a marketing firm?

By: Pat Seroka
Did you know that there are more private jet landings per capita in Rochester, Minnesota than any other airport in the world?

Yes, Rochester, Minnesota has more private jet landings than anywhere else because the Mayo Clinic is located there. People travel there from all over the globe. No one has an issue with distance – they simply want the very best healthcare available and they’ve come to the medical mecca to get it.

All of us seek out the best in many areas where it matters the most in our lives.

And, when it comes to the health of your company, at least on the marketing side, go ahead and do your research and select the very best marketing firm for your business, regardless of its distance from your home office. You won’t need to travel to the ends of earth to visit them. Today’s technology provides both that convenience and advantage. Plus, I am sure they will be happy to visit you.

Too often I’ve seen companies settle for the perceived best marketing firms in their area as opposed to removing geographical boundaries and searching for the best experts in their business no matter where they are located. When you open the door to choosing the best in the country, you increase your options significantly as well as your opportunities for securing the most experienced marketing assistance for growing your business.

And what criteria should you use?
Most importantly, be sure the firms you are considering specialize in your business or industry and have a long tenure of success stories to share. Knowing the unique nuances of your business means you won’t need to spend your time and your money to educate them. They can come aboard running with ideas and will intuitively know what works and what doesn’t. They’ll also understand the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.

Next, you’ll want to be sure they can create the right short- and long-term strategy, that they are planners who will quantitatively measure your short- and long-term successes.

Bottom line don’t settle for anything less than the best agency, one that understands your industry, and how to grow your company. And, don’t allow geographic concerns limit your options. Expand your geography and expand your company’s growth.

And, if you happen to be in the mortgage or fintech industries, drop me a note. We’ve specialized in those verticals for over 30 years and I’d love to talk with you.