Digital Advertisers Forget to Tell the Story!

We’ve all heard it a hundred times: “people buy on emotion and justify their purchase with facts.”

Then why does so much of the digital advertising you see fail to create an emotional connection with prospects? For example, when seeking out a mortgage lender, consumers are rarely exposed to the many stories lenders can offer that can endear them to that consumer. Stories about how they helped finance the happy couples new home just in time for their new baby’s arrival. Or creating conveniences for the transferring executive to make the new home purchase as easy as possible.

All businesses are ripe with stories to tell that make “facts” nothing more than justification for the prospect to select them over their competitor.
In an Advertising Age article critical of many digital advertisers the writer describes how the trend to digital has compromised advertising effectiveness by not including emotion/storytelling in its messaging. Let’s all remember to take the time, relate the emotional story about our product or service and win the hearts of our prospects.