Discover the health of your culture with our 11 Point Culture Assessment

Today’s businesses face the painful consequences of “quiet quitting,” a trend where employees become disengaged, resulting in reduced productivity and morale. To combat this issue, organizations must focus on creating an environment that encourages continuous improvement and operational excellence–essential to keeping workers engaged with their jobs.

Like cancer, the effects of quiet quitting can remain unseen until there is a noticeable and significant degredation to an organization’s operations. Without prompt recognition and action, these invisible signs may lead to real problems, such as decreased customer service quality or productivity levels, ultimately resulting in increased errors and complaints. All of these costly repercussions can be avoided with early detection.

As the world revamps and reorganizes, businesses must stay ahead of the curve by consistently evaluating their brand’s performance. Regular culture assessments help you make well-informed decisions to keep your company thriving in this ever-changing landscape.

Our assessment measures how well your financial institutions culture is performing in critical areas, including: 

  • Overall health (employee attitude and morale)
  • Obstacles getting in the way of teamwork, productivity, and growth (e.g. technology, communication, petty internal politics, etc.)
  • Perceived quality and stability of customer relationships
  • Employee loyalty and advocacy
  • Why good people leave
  • Why people stay
  • How well your employees’ needs are being met
  • Leadership effectiveness
  • What employees are saying that you need to hear
  • Urgent issues requiring your immediate attention
  • To what degree your people enjoy working for you

11 Point Culture Assessment