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An inspiring content marketing strategy tells your audience a story.

Content is king. And storytelling with a compelling content marketing strategy is Seroka Brand Development’s specialty.

Using our proven techniques, we can help build your brand, increase your conversions and establish your industry reputation –– starting today.

What is content marketing? It’s providing value and education for your audience to deepen your relationships. Unlike a traditional advertisement, it’s not looking to distract people for a few seconds or so before they move on. Rather, it meets your client where they are –– and helps extend the life cycle of your engagements.

Our approach to creating and delivering highly valuable content has proven to be effective for businesses just like yours – especially in the mortgage and real estate industries where we specialize. Effective content boosts the impact of your print, digital, and social media marketing programs. Create, promote, convert – that’s our content marketing strategy to achieve your goals.

Here is why you need content marketing to improve your bottom line:

  • It builds relationships and helps you connect with your audience
  • It creates a sense of community with your brand
  • It educates prospects about your company, products, and services
  • It increases visibility and improves awareness of your organization
  • It positions your business as an expert in your industry

With a strong content marketing plan in place, great content and the right channels, your content marketing efforts can help grow your business exponentially!

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Our Process

Where do we begin? It all starts with a content marketing strategy:

Establish SMART Goals

We work with you to establish your key business goals and how your content will address them. This includes defining your target customer and audience persona, so you are reaching the right people. Then we set key performance indicators (KPIs) for your SMART goals to measure performance.

Choose Content Channels

We address your content marketing pain points and opportunities: Create more engaging content, find better ways to repurpose existing content, understand what content is effective and ineffective, or optimizing content. Then we help leverage those using the full power of digital marketing and social media platforms to reach key audience members.

Select Content Format

What content formats can we help with? We have a full array of products, and will prioritize the most effective, which can include case studies, videos, webinars, blog posts, FAQs, podcasts, white papers, infographics and more.

Set Content Budget

The type of content you need, and what distribution channels to focus on will determine the budget. We will work with you to determine your needs and get the most from your budget.

Create and Distribute

This is the fun part! We develop and distribute the content to the selected marketing channels –– so you don’t have to give it a second thought while the content does all the work.

Analyze and Measure

We see what is doing well and what needs improvement, allowing us to make changes as necessary to ensure your content marketing efforts are successful.

Take your content marketing up a notch.

We are here to accelerate your content marketing strategy today.

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