Communicating Effectively in Today’s Virtual Business World

Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago that we were taking down the Christmas tree, watching the stock market continue to rise, even surpass 30,000 as we were settling in for an exciting and promising new decade?

By: Pat Seroka

No one expected an invisible monster to invade our world and cause the havoc we’ve witnessed over just the last few weeks. Stock market slashed by over a third, businesses throughout the world sending their employees home to go virtual, vacation and business travel literally frozen and our evening news taken over by video clips of packed hospitals and eerily vacant top world destinations.

But you know what? We have changed our lifestyle, changed how we work and adapted to this temporary new normal. We are a resilient society. As quickly as we experienced this massive lifestyle change is as quickly as we will get thru this over the next few weeks and months and come out the other side prepared to quickly regain our losses and build the new horizons we envisioned early last January.

The key is to maintain business momentum and outreach versus shutting or slowing down avenues for growth. We all need to maintain our preparedness and vision for our companies to take advantage of the explosive growth to be experienced once this insidious pandemic is behind us.

The way we are doing business has temporarily changed but the fundamentals of communication have not. We at Seroka, are prepared to assist any company struggling with changes in communication venues.

We have been a virtual company for the last 7 of our 33 years. While we maintain a core of leaders at our home office in Brookfield, Wisconsin, we have created a hand-picked team of writers, designers, social and digital media experts and support staff from throughout the country. We have created a virtual workplace of top communication professionals to serve our mortgage and financial client base which is scattered throughout the US. We’ve figured out how to work virtually and we are prepared to provide our experience and advice to those of you who may be challenged by a remote workplace and how best to maintain outreach to the many professionals that make your business successful.

We are also prepared to assist those who are confronting the best way to market their services in this strange new environment. Our core competency is effective communication and influence. We provide experience not only in the mortgage and financial industry, but also in proven communication methods and tools to enable our clients to influence their prospects and grow their businesses.

Times have changed, albeit temporarily; we’d like you to not just make it through these next few weeks and months but prosper in the process and be prepared for the growth we will all experience later this year. Email me at, let’s set a time to talk.