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Does your brand attract top producers?

shutterstock_66243364When you hear other employers complain about how hard it is to find good people, do you share the same frustration?

Your answer to this question will give you valuable insight into the appeal your brand has among “good people” (top producers) in your industry – those employees you need to help you achieve your goals, grow and win.
When you post a job on LinkedIn, hire a recruiter, or place an ad on and receive an abundance of resumes from highly qualified candidates, you should rightfully consider it to be a testimony to your brand’s reputation and character. The brand you built is one that people believe in and want to be a part of. However, if you find yourself sifting through a very short stack of resumes submitted by candidates who don’t possess the strengths and experience you need, your brand may be to blame.

Building the employee-centric brand

Building a brand to attract the caliber of employees necessary to help you deliver on your brand’s unique claims of distinction, win new business and keep customers loyal is just as important as building a brand to win new business. Average employees produce average results, and average employees will never help you achieve excellence. If you want to fill your company with top producers, you’ll need to compete for them with the same focus and vigor you have when competing for profitable customer relationships.

It starts with your brand. To attract top producers in your industry to your company, you must first understand what they are looking for. The following are not in any particular order:

  1. A company with a great reputation supported by a brand and vision they can believe in (shared beliefs and attitudes)
  2. To be part of something bigger than who they are
  3. Opportunities for professional growth
  4. To be paid more than a “competitive” salary
  5. Opportunities to do what they love to do in an environment where they can learn from mistakes
  6. To be heard and respected
  7. Autonomy/to be trusted once it is earned
  8. Strong, consistent leadership
  9. To know what they are working for and why they are doing it
  10. To know how their contribution impacts the company
  11. A sense of purpose
  12. Challenges and the incentives to meet them
  13. To know what it means to win
  14. To be recognized
  15. To be a part of a culture where people challenge each other to elevate their game every day

Print out this article and circle those things you currently provide. Next, distribute this list to your employees and ask them to circle those items they believe you provide to them. When you get your feedback, you’ll know if you have the culture to attract the employees you need.
If you would like to know more about building an employee-centric brand, let’s talk.