7 Great Reasons You Should Tweet at the MBA Secondary!

The official Twitter hashtag for the Mortgage Bankers Association National Secondary Market Conference & Expo this year is #MBASecondary16. A handful of attendees are tweeting it up! They’re keeping both conference-goers and those not able to attend particular sessions in the loop with highlights that will live on forever in the Twitterverse.

Some of the most active tweeters as of this writing include the Mortgage Bankers Association, ,  and a handful of others. Be sure to click on and follow these accounts! They’re cluing us in to the pulse of the event, letting us know what deserves our attention at any point in time. This is valuable for both attendees and even those that couldn’t make it out this year.

So why should you want to tweet anyway? Here are some great reasons for you to join in the Twitter conversation…

  • Sharing quotes from presenters: This is a great way to build a relationship with both presenters and those not in attendance. Upon later review, it lets the presenter know you were there and what was of interest to you. It also shares highlights of the presentation with those that weren’t able to attend.

So far, it may come as no surprise that David Stevens, President and CEO at the MBA has gotten the most tweets, with video!

  • Real-time Q&A: Attendees can ask questions on Twitter and get answers either from the speaker or an influencer in real time. After all, we’re all here to learn right? As a bonus, this type of interaction gives all conference-goers who participate in the discussion an opportunity to expand their networks!
  • General helpfulness: If you really want to make some great new friends, invite people to hit the gym or go for an early run with you by Tweeting a time and the activity along with #MBASecondary16. You can also provide reviews of local restaurants, parties and other activities taking place.
  • Post-event log: This is especially helpful to the MBA as the event organizer. By reviewing tweets after an event, they can determine how well the conference went so they can leverage this information when organizing and promoting future events.

Now, here are some pro tips:

  • Did you know that including quotations in a tweet increases retweets by 19%?
  • Posts with photos get 35% more engagement than standard tweets.
  • Videos increase engagement by 28%

Enjoy the conference and tweet up a storm!