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6 Top Tips for Social Media Video

We all know that video is on fire! The key social media platforms you should be focusing on prioritize video in their algorithms because people love to watch and share video.
In fact, mortgage and fintech industry marketers should keep in mind that video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined. This is great for building awareness of your company.

6 Tips for Producing and Distributing Social Video

Here are 6 tips to keep in mind when producing and distributing your social videos on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube:

Video length: Videos that run between 15 seconds and 2 minutes have the highest completion rates across social media platforms.

However, don’t make video length your primary focus.

There are plenty of long-form videos targeting a B2B audience well over 5:00 in length that do well. In fact, LinkedIn suggests that videos be at least 30 seconds and up to 5 minutes because they’re aiming for deeper information that can be shared with a professional audience.

Focus instead on compelling content and make sure you don’t exceed the limits of the platforms you’re uploading to.

Audio quality: Poor audio is a deal breaker! Forget about using the mic on your camera. Invest in an external microphone for the best sound quality. I use a Zoom H1n.

Lighting: A lot of people hate shooting video of themselves. Why? They think they look old or tired (dark circles around their eyes). This is because they try to pull it off without proper lighting and with an outdated or cheap camera.

You can achieve a good-looking video with a key light positioned at 10:00 to light up your face and a fill light at 2:00 to get rid of the shadows. A backlight at 5:00 can be used to create some depth.

Use native video: Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook let you upload video directly to their platforms. Doing this increases your organic and paid reach vs. just sharing from YouTube. However, YouTube lets you share and embed video anywhere and allows for much longer videos, so don’t discount this valuable platform.

Be interesting: Many people think that just because they put themselves out there on video that engagement and shares will happen like magic. The only problem is that now people expect to see video produced by your company, so the bar is higher.

Set an expectation with the title and video thumbprint and then make sure you fulfil it. If your video is slow, monotone or comes off as relatively boring, this leads to viewer abandonment. Once you lose viewers, it’s hard to get them back. So, practice being interesting and work on your post-production skills to bring it all home.

View analytics: Review the analytics available to you on the various platforms. For example, audience engagement graphs can let you know where you consistently lose viewership. By studying these points in time, perhaps you can conclude what is driving that and experiment with ways to fix it.

According to HubSpot, 87% of marketers now use video in their strategies. Chances are good that you’re part of that statistic and you came here looking for some tips. If you’re not, what are you waiting for? You know what they say…”the light doesn’t get any greener!”

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