What are the best ways to use marketing automation to increase revenue?

Did you know that 96% of marketers have reported using marketing automation platforms for their business?

By: John Seroka

Marketing automation is crucial for businesses in the mortgage and real estate industry that want to grow. It helps them by automating repetitive tasks and collecting data while also providing for plenty of opportunities for personalization.

That’s why, at Seroka, our team takes a proactive approach to assist clients in achieving success through automation. We provide customized content for client journeys and effective deployment strategies.

Here are four ways an AMS will help you drive more revenue…

  1. Scaling your business: By automating tasks such as email marketing, list segmentation, social media posts, social listening, data collection and more, you can more effectively and efficiently attract and manage a high volume of leads.In addition to lead management, automation done correctly can help you with developing client loyalty at scale. Mortgage lenders, real estate brokerages, agents and any industry vendors can derive great benefits from taking a personalized, consistent approach to communicating with their clients during and after a sale, or even with potential new recruits. By setting up the right triggers and cadence, a properly nurtured client has a much higher likelihood of becoming a client for life.
  2. Lead nurturing: By tracking interactions with your website, emails and content, an AMS will help you understand what your leads are most interested in and where they are in the sales funnel. Then you can set triggers that will personalize your campaigns by deploying only content of most interest to them along their journey.Here are 4 ways lead nurturing helps you drive more revenue:a) Right time messaging: By automating messaging to be sent out at the right time along their journey, marketing automation ensures that prospects receive the information they need when they need it most. This can include responding to trigger events or providing information of interest based on past online interactions.

    b) Personalized nurturing: Additionally, marketing automation can help nurture clients differently based on their needs, interests, and preferences, improving the overall experience.

    c) Improved segmentation: By improving segmentation, businesses can provide more personalized content based on demographics, behaviors, job title, and many other factors.

    d) Never giving up on harder-to-close leads: Finally, marketing automation can help continue ongoing nurturing of more challenging leads that require a lighter touch to avoid messaging fatigue, ensuring that no potential customer falls through the cracks.

  3. Lead scoring: An effective marketing automation system relies heavily on lead scoring, as not all leads are equal in terms of their likelihood to convert into clients. Although all leads show some level of interest in you, it is essential to concentrate your efforts on those that are more likely to convert. By prioritizing your time and resources towards high-quality leads, your company can achieve better results and optimize its marketing efforts for long-term success.Therefore, based on how your leads interact with your content, your automated marketing system will score them, letting you know which leads have a higher likelihood of closing. This allows you to take appropriate next steps towards conversion, whether that be a phone call, text, or other action that moves them along to the next step.
  4. Tracking and measuring success: You will gain a better understanding of how well your content is performing with the data these systems provide. Some of the data you will have access to includes new contacts created, web pages viewed, landing page views, views to submission rates on landing pages, top performing assets, links clicked, emails opened, posts shared and more. With this information, you can test and tweak your marketing messages and tactics along the way.

Marketing automation goes a long way to help companies in the mortgage and real estate industry understand their prospects better and give them a more personalized experience. By doing so, not only does this help you increase revenue, but it also enhances your brand.

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