Top 3 Opportunities to Enhance Your Brand

By: Pat Seroka
This is the most exciting time I’ve witnessed in marketing since starting my agency over 30 years ago.

Long gone are the days of “spray and pray” marketing. The opportunities that abound today, particularly in the B2B world, to directly interact with customers and prospects has reached an intimacy never seen before in marketing and it’s growing deeper, faster and more personal every day.

Consider these 3 opportunities each of us as business owners need to go after to enhance our company’s brand and create new customers while fostering life-long, raving fans:

The “age of the customer” we are hearing so much about today is no longer just in b2c but is finally being understood and deployed big time in B2B.  Owners are discovering that successful brands are defined by the quality of the customer experience they provide, through well-trained, engaged personnel that are passionate about their company’s goals and understand their company’s unique, compelling “why.” Delivering a high quality, consistent CX is critical to making the sale and creating referrals that will continue to fuel your company’s growth and brand reputation.

Inserting the human element in marketing outreach is increasing dramatically and set to grow to over 70 percent of internet marketing within the next two years. Online videos enhance the customer/prospect experience by allowing them to witness first-hand the personality and passion of a business in a way that only a real person can bring to the buying equation. They also give you the opportunity to make friends with your prospects, tell stories and provide the reasons why they should become your customers.

Content is exploding throughout social media channels even as you read this blog. Today’s B2B as well as B2C consumers research virtually every aspect of products, services and companies before they make a purchase decision. Don’t you? Robust content, packed with keywords your buyers are likely to use to find out more about your product or service will help ensure you are found, followed and contacted. And when your prospects find you, be sure you are answering their questions and engaging them further to learn more about you and your brand.

If you take advantage of these 3 opportunities to reach out and engage your prospects, you’ll be well on your way to using technology to your company’s advantage.

I wish you well and invite you to contact me anytime. My passion is helping our mortgage industry and fintech clients grow their brands.